Patriarchy is part and parcel of Indian society. As a son, we have more authority, freedom. Although we are getting better, we are still far away.

The priority of dream, aspirations, independence of daughter still takes backfoot over son. The choice of finding a partner, job, city to live in, who to meet, and when to come home is still something a daughter has to answer or go through constant grilling. The concept of helicopter parents existed before social media, mobile phones, and the internet.

On one side, we treat our keens differently because they are men or women and on the other side, expect them to take all the responsibility of the family.

What about the personal aspirations, dreams, choice of your daughter? Why does she have to go through this duality: at one side, patriarchy restricts her from being independent and on another work like a donkey to fulfill parents and family’s dream. Be it constructing a house or helping financially throughout life?