Shoe Dog

It was 5-6 months back when Karthik had recommended the list of autobiographies. Shoe Dog was one of the recommendations besides a dozen others. Sometimes we need encouragement and autobiographies like these help. It resulted in me reading Shoe Dog.

I enjoyed every page of the book; It was like a script out of a founder’s life mixed with happiness, pain, fuckups, and shit. I will recommend everyone reading it. I will not spell the entire story. 🙂

Some learning’s:

  1. Every day is a Near-death experience in the early days. One of the other things will fuck up. Be it creditors, banks, or suppliers.
  2. Support of believers and mentors help in going a long way. They can be friends, customers, and people who have seen you grow in the journey.
  3. Running a company in the early days is grunt work for you and the team. If your or team’s family are non-cooperative, get ready for a shitstorm.
  4. Success and failure in the early days exclusively depend on the team. You have to work like a small family where David is up against Goliath.
  5. Cash is needed, and a founder has to be creative in generating the same to feed their and the team’s family.
  6. A culture of independence, transparency, and freedom is the only way to succeed in the long term.
  7. There is no checklist of success. One has to keep trying, failing, and learning from past mistakes. One has to reinvent from the crisis.
  8. The organization has to grow from the inside. You cannot bring a fat gorilla from outside to run a zoo. There has to be a clear path within the organization for team members and early believers who have been through the entire cycle. As the company grows, they should as well.
  9. One has to be in the right place at the right time. It’s essential with our sweat, hard work, and pain. Our luck has a role to play in our life.