Havells Story

I picked Havelles: The untold story of Qimat Rai Gupta. It is another rags to riches story. One guy works hard to build an empire by going against all the odds and uncertainties. 

It reminded me of the MDH group and Haldiram’s founder’s journey. The risk-taking attitude, perseverance, and persistence. 

I think I have found the algorithm for writing these inspirational books:

  1. Talk about the poor upbringing.
  2. Talk about the grit/perseverance and all the failures.  
  3. Talk about family fights and division of the company.
  4. Talk about how government and license raj
  5. Talk about the company’s near-death experience and the risk-taking appetite of the founder. 
  6. Talk about how well founder treated their employees or vendors, or distributors.  

You have an inspirational book about an Indian billionaire who made it big from the rags. You can replace Havells founder with all the other family houses that made it big and whose generation is enjoying over the wealth created by previous generations.