My first contribution with a fake story for fakingnews

Friday i was reading fakingnews and NDTV website and i there some similarities in news like CAG/sensorship/curruption/scam/zeros and so i cooked something and mailed it to editor of #fakingnews. Later at night i came to know the article has been published. You can read it here¬†ūüôā Happy reading!!  

Event report: FOSS meetup in Hyderabad!!

Am too late to blog on the same. ¬†Pavi along with Praveen organized nice meetup in Hyderabad. The refreshing part about the meetup was presence of 30+ folks ūüôā We had folks from Ubuntu/Wikipedia/Mozilla/Puppet/Openstack were present. Detailed blog post about the event can be found at :–¬† (In Telegu/use translate software)¬† (English) Photos:¬† […]

Notes: Installing single/multi node hadoop cluster on ubuntu 12.04

1. Installing java6 cd ~/ wget; chmod +x; sudo ./ Script will build packages from source and place them in local repo, then they can be installed e.g.: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-source You can see all available packages in¬†/var/local/oab/deb Remember to select the right version: sudo update-alternatives –config java To setup […]

Cloud commentary, same packaged shit(AwsVsOpenstackVsproprietary)

So before i begin i should tell you i removed around 5-6 shit creators/cloud pundits from my twitter feed. They were making my timeline into a rotton/shitty/cloudy junkyard. I will begin now:– So the distro troll was already around and alas there came this cloud¬†commentary full of shit. So we have 3 camps AWS(Eucalyptus/Cloudstack), Openstack(HP […]


Its been over 3-4 months i been itching to find alternative of Ruby based configuration management tool. I came to know about Salt. Its a configuration management tool written in python, from initial 30 mins of my¬†experience¬†am¬†writing¬†this blog. It took me less than 2 minutes get master/minion running on multiple VM via Virtualbox. From my¬†experience […]