I work remotely and this is my toolkit
















It has been over 1.5 yrs since i started working from home. I enjoyed everyday because i was independent & had no mandatory requirement like reaching office by 9 am, getting stuck into traffic and all.

I felt like sharing software i use everyday for collaborating with my remote team & keeping myself productive while working remotely.

Skype has been pain for us off late, we were happy with it before so now we are using zoom.us

I love Asana, it has organizing overall project much easier. You can assign project to individual member, keep list of people as watcher. It does what we were looking for.

Google Apps
For e-mail, calendar, document sharing and chat we are using google apps.

I do most of my daily task tracking using workflowy. It is a very simple app and helps me in prioritizing my daily work.

I use this app to control my distraction, it stops me from using social media & other listed sites by myself during my work hour.