My first contribution with a fake story for fakingnews

Friday i was reading fakingnews and NDTV website and i there some similarities in news like CAG/sensorship/curruption/scam/zeros and so i cooked something and mailed it to editor of #fakingnews.

Later at night i came to know the article has been published.
You can read it here 🙂

Happy reading!!


OSCON and cls12 experience

Let me Admit attending Cls12 and OSCON was in my wishlist. I feel lucky attending both the event this year.

Meeting all the community managers from over 100 available OSS projects is  exchanging success story  is big takeaway. Since Cls is barcamp style i had chance to sit and discuss how we build communities in India. I shared my experience mostly taking Linux/Ubuntu in account.

Well i don`t have much to say about my participation at OSCON was like dream come true. I met all those folks whom i been following/reading on twitter and famous blog portals.

Lastly it was fun attending Openstack day and celebration later in the evening.

m_3 and adam_g

I will be adding all photos later this week. 🙂

Event report: FOSS meetup in Hyderabad!!

Am too late to blog on the same.  Pavi along with Praveen organized nice meetup in Hyderabad. The refreshing part about the meetup was presence of 30+ folks 🙂

We had folks from Ubuntu/Wikipedia/Mozilla/Puppet/Openstack were present. Detailed blog post about the event can be found at :–  (In Telegu/use translate software)  (English)


Also met folks from 4 different companies working on Openstack and was nice meeting them all.

Lastly, Cake was sponsored by Canonical and so was dinner 🙂


Negativity all around!!

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with Technology

How many of you r  having/facing same issue around you :–

1. people are more unhappy about your success

2. people always suggest you stay away from taking risk/challenges

3. trying to be your daddy and suggesting do this/that

4. more interested in back bitching rather than talking/telling on face


WTF is happening to this world? Are we in life where people are more concerned about negativity rather than being optimist?


How to handle/control yourself when environment around is so fucked?

I found a solution :

Just don`t listen to them and keep rocking, some people die cribbing others make history and leave legacy of greatness behind them.

Notes: Installing single/multi node hadoop cluster on ubuntu 12.04

1. Installing java6

cd ~/ wget; chmod +x; sudo ./

Script will build packages from source and place them in local repo, then they can be installed e.g.:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-source 

You can see all available packages in /var/local/oab/deb

Remember to select the right version:

sudo update-alternatives --config java 

To setup everything else (like browser plugin, keytool, etc.) you can use this (it will be a long list!)

Reference :-

Once your done with your java6 installation just follow instructions below links just leave the java installation part from the doc.

Installing Hadoop on single node cluster :-

Installing Hadoop on multi node cluster :-

Hope it helps.

Cheers!! 🙂

Ubuntu Developer Summit and Me

Attending UDS has been one of the biggest thing happened to me in year 2012 i would say so far. 🙂

Its really great to finally meet people face to face with whom you have been interacting all this while on IRC.

I attended/participated most of the talks on server/cloud/juju during week long conference. I also attended Ubuntu Cloud Summit and was great interacting folks from big cloud based enterprises and to know about there big plans on cloud.

Spent good time with  marcoceppi in the juju room to learn tricks and pieces of juju, i have few more charms in my shoulder. It will be pushed soon to launchpad. 😀

I also met Obino and Hspencer from Eucalypus and folks from Cloudstack and Mysql apart from many others. It was great interacting with them all.

I have been telling this all this while Cloud is big and there is room for everyone, the one innovates faster and gets community/support along with gains the most. 🙂

And last night was total fun, honestly its first time i participated in Karaoke and i did well. 🙂

I have uploaded photographs i took during the summit at Google+  

Last not the least thanks to Canoanical for sponsoring me to UDS and giving me opportunity to be part of such awesome ecosystem.



Essex/Precise beginners guide released.

Although am too late to blog about it still its better than not doing it.

We at csscorp been working on the various release of Openstack for over a year. In continuation with our effort we have recently released Precise/Essex (12.04 ubuntu) version of our book.

I am happy to be part of such awesome team and its been great learning experience.

Change notes and book can be found for download here

Apart from that the same content can be found at official openstack documentation repository here

I also did a small screen cast for Dashboard walk through which can be found here

Cloud commentary, same packaged shit(AwsVsOpenstackVsproprietary)

So before i begin i should tell you i removed around 5-6 shit creators/cloud pundits from my twitter feed.

They were making my timeline into a rotton/shitty/cloudy junkyard.

I will begin now:–

So the distro troll was already around and alas there came this cloud commentary full of shit.

So we have 3 camps AWS(Eucalyptus/Cloudstack), Openstack(HP cloud/Dell/others and proprietary(Vmware/MSFT, others)

The problem???

AWS camp

The AWS camp folks claim that they use de-facto cloud standard and API. Since they are dependent on mercy of the mighty AWS which has its on closed API, still they call them self truly open. Seems like everyone has made its own definition of “Open” these days. Fare enough they need to earn and remain in market so not an issue and therefore community manager can change roles at times to PR if needed. I meant he/she can praise AWS API more than his own product. 🙂 I am sure people still love and will keep using them if instead of mentioning failures of there competitors they will spend more time explaining awesome features about there product. I am saying this because i have seen some of them at conferences bitching more about there competitors than explaining about there product. You can`t build your castle throwing stone on others mansion. 😛

About Openstack

I been contributing to Openstack since cactus came out. I must admit i was too frustrated and i had same notion like others :- Does this work ? Is it another failed sandwiched project? I used to laugh at times what am i getting out of it. I am happy to admit am still playing with openstack and have filed bugs, wrote documentation, helped others at IRC. I have a new life and am happy/proud at same time. Essex release is the answer i got. Yes, everything works. And yes Openstack is matured biggest example is HP announcement of its public cloud on top of Openstack. 155+ enterprise with Openstack are not fools, they know how awesomely they can make there own pie out of it.

But at same time Openstack talks about 100% opensource API. I love it and that is one main reason am in love with it. But at same time it will really matter to those who care about it(openess/freedom)

In india i say cloud and student tells me Amazon(AWS). Is he really aware about the API amazon uses? He wants to see the power of cloud and he is having it.

You really want to tell everyone about the open source API please reach to the masses University/Colleges.

About proprietary vendors :-

They are having good laugh with the AWS camp and Openstack camp everyday news.


I laugh when i see people comparing Openstack with Eucalyptus or Cloudstack.  Its not the fight between Openstack Vs Eucalyptus or Cloudstack but between the derivatives of Openstack Vs Eucalyptus or Cloudstack

“if you don’t want to use Eucalyputs, don’t use it. You don’t want to use OpenStack based cloud, use something else. At the end of the day, its about succeeding with a private/public cloud platform. We should be celebrating the successes of each cloud – not throwing bricks at each other.Let the competition be determined by what users want, not talking crap about other products. Besides, there is plenty of space in the Clouds.. 😀


Its been over 3-4 months i been itching to find alternative of Ruby based configuration management tool. I came to know about Salt.

Its a configuration management tool written in python, from initial 30 mins of my experience am writing this blog.

It took me less than 2 minutes get master/minion running on multiple VM via Virtualbox. From my experience of Puppet deployment i can simply say Salt much simpler.

What i have done so far?

Played with apt, cmd  and cd modules. Many more to go but i will sleep as its already 4 am.

you can find all info they have got awesome documentation along with cool screen cast which can let anyone swim inside salt.