Hospital is one hell of a place. One place where one can experience all the emotions. A place where every minute defines life’s frugality. A place where doctors are the savior.

I have spent past few days in a hospital and it has put a real test on myself. All the learnings, philosophy and principles were put on a test. I am still here.

What makes this place unique is the flow of emotions; the dying human getting life after a major operation; a crying wife and a son worried about the payment of hospital bills.

I also see doctors as modern-day stoics; day after day; giving hope to patients.

My faculty of consciousness has taken a great hit. I consider myself lucky who can afford the expensive procedure, unlike million others.

I would also like to see a utopian future where every one of us gets free healthcare, irrespective of his financial background.


Many times in our life we are put on a test. It can be a test of our honesty, principle or philosophy.

These time of life brings out the real you. Reading philosophy or writing principles is one thing but putting it on a test is another.

These moments of life are like a real test. Everything else is just fluff.


My Nanaji passed away this morning. He lived for more than 90 years. Off late he was suffering from series of illness.

He was a world to me. He was one of the few persons in my life who believed in me. I sucked at my studies, be it during secondary school or at engineering. He was there to cheer me up. Always smiling and talking positive.

Last time I met, he told me about some of his life regrets. He also advised me why I should not rush for getting married or falling in any relationship because everyone else is in it.

I wish I had more time to spend with him. RIP


I have said this many times before. The human mind is a monkey mind. We get triggered on petty things. It results in venting our anger or at times getting depressed.

The question remains, why do we get triggered? Is it because we are insecure or because of our expectations?

In the end, it bites us back. We lose friends and our mind.

The world will keep moving, people will continue being non-rational. The only thing that can help us being off-triggered is being self-conscious.

Gig Economy

I am a consumer of gig economy. From booking cab to ordering food, I consume it for everything.

Job creators for the blue-collar workers have been the winner. The real force on the ground aka laborers, delivery boys, and drivers have turned into robots.

I feel sad for the scared taxi driver who cannot speak or understand how maps work. I feel sad for every boy who is scared of bad ratings.

Everything is just about a transaction. I would prefer drones, robots delivering or riding me home rather fearful humans.


I have reread Ray Dalio’s book: Principles. The book circles around a set of a checklist. I asked myself if I will become a robot following the steps described in the book.

I have been meeting new people every week these days. I am learning to sell. I find the application of “Principles” helping me. I have written it down as a note on my phone. Before I enter for the meeting, I read it a few times.

  1. Listen, listen, listen.
  2. Be humble and empathetic.
  3. Be honest about the product.

I have gotten this feeling that sales and psychotherapists have got one thing in common, they listen a lot and speak up only when required.

Ray Dalio also talks about a few other key things.

  1. Radical transparency
  2. Radical Openness
  3. Radical Honestly

I would like to add one more to the list: Radical Fearlessness.


Social media is a medium for voice amplification. The other medium is podcasting, blog, and meetups.

Everyone has an opinion and they want to spread it. It is like a single source of truth, be my follower. This noise amplification channel is a signaling platform. The saints of the church spread new phenomenon every now and then.

We humans are different, we all have our own mental models. The way we respond to situations, problems and challenges differ. There is no one fit for all situation.

The same goes for running a business. So be very mindful when and whom to listen to. Do not follow the cheerleader, do not follow advice blindly.

You don’t have to listen to everyone.


I was reading Seneca’s: on the shortness of Life. It made me realize what most of us are doing with our life.

The allocated time of our life is not short but the petty things which we have prioritized make it look short. The time of our life we spend on fighting, running after money or for glory.

Socrates said: an unexamined life is not worth living. How many of us examine our actions? Do we self examine at the end of the day?

Life is as we see it.


A community is a set of like-minded people. We share the same vision and belief. But does community has the charter to compare and compete with others? When religion came via horsemen, and hermits community changed into submission, fear, and faith. It also fostered religious war for superiority.

My previous jobs were around community development. I would participate and meet developers. Sometimes I would get on to a heated argument as well. I see the same process repeating.

It takes some time to realize that our association with a particular brand is temporary and people remain the same. We should aspire for human bonding is for life.


I used to laugh at people on being high on sugar and all. Yesterday I had a meeting after which I ended up at Glen’s, a bakehouse in town. I ended up eating red velvet cake and cappuccino.

Hours after that I was buzzing. I was laughing, chilling and writing texts to friends and was on call. I ended up writing, planning and drawing so many things. I ended up sleeping at 4 am and felt like trash when woke up.

Slept again in the afternoon and feeling much better. I did some reading and realized I was on the sugar rush. I am going to be more careful from now on about consuming the quantity of cake, looks like even a slice is too much.