Contributing to Open Source

Searching “contributing to open source” throws  About 30,100,000 results (0.56 seconds)  Now the real question is being an Open Source evangelist, what/how should one proceed when talking about same? I am still from Old school & believe contribution to Open Source comes from inside hence: 1. Telling someone to use Open Source because its virus free […]

How to Start a Startup note #5

Today I spent listing to Paul Graham in the how to start a startup series lecture. Paul is fucking awesome, full of fun, honesty & blunt in giving an opinion. We need more such motivators in our startup ecosystem. My notes from his lecture: Listen to your intuition Work with people whom you respect and have known long […]

How to Start a Startup note #4

Moving on to how to startup series class, I spent time watching Lecture 13: How To Be A Great Founder by Reid Hoffman   My notes for his class: Network network network. VC always tends to invest in company with co-founders as they compliment each other. Right place to start a right business like finance related startup makes […]

How to Start a Startup note #3

Moving on to how to startup series class, I spent time watching Lecture 9: How to Raise Money and Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway and Parker Conrad had an  interesting take on it. Some of my notes from the class: Build something awesome which pulls  VC to you. Most VC invest in team, past success of the founders & product. If […]

Dear Engineering Students, Comp Sc/IT from India.

A disclaimer:  This is not for you If 1. If you’re from IIT or XYZ or blue star ranked college with a 100 % placement [I mean really]. 2. You have all it takes to get into companies beyond TCS/Infosys/Wipro or other c shops from India without caring for campus placement. Let’s begin : According […]

Technology Evangelist Checklist

If you are a technology Evangelist i am sure you would be following this checklist :     Spreading word about project/technology by speaking engagement, social media outreach. Acting as a mentor to n00bies who are keen to be part of your project/technology. Working without pride but more love/respect/harmony & with goal to expand the […]