On Algorithms

Algorithms are not new, we have been using it in stock trading, ticket booking  etc. Just that in 2018 we are hearing more about it. Four interesting scenarios happened in past few years. Emergence of cloud computing made processing fast cheap. Newer Open Source and proprietary technologies like Keras and TensorFlow took Deep Learning closer to […]

Random Thoughts: On my procrastination

Last year around October, Anurag wrote a post on procrastination and it hit my head like one hits nail with hammer.  In his post, he has covered every part of procrastination in details, go ahead and read it. This post is about my procrastination habit and how it has screwed most part of me. I realized i was […]

Random Thoughts: Capitalism, Consumerism and social proof

Capitalism has fueled growth, we are more prosperous than before. Capitalism made most of us rich, prosperous. Industrialization resulted in mass production of food, medicines. We are not dying of hunger anymore or of disease like cholera, malaria (most part of the world). Anyone can work hard and build empire out of Ashes. Capitalism also […]