Random Thoughts: On Religion

Right after birth, society mask comes to you in various forms : name race religion caste sub-caste middle class, upper class or poor I will focus on Religion on this post. I have friends who never miss going to Hanuman Temple on Tuesday for prayers, also some who visits mosque on Friday along with others […]

Random Thoughts: Why are we scared of losing?

Human mind is a monkey mind  as Naval says. We are constantly worried about our future and  work hard towards making it better.  At times we get so busy in it that we forget about living in this very beautiful moment, the present which is constantly passing. At the same time we start overthinking and […]

Random Thoughts: A perfect world

Where existed no religion Where no one was judged Where everyone lived with absolute freedom Where goods were plenty but no money Where everyone was human not robots Where relationship existed for real with no pre-requisites or conditions Where existed no society or divisions on basis of color of your skin or looks, height, weight […]

Random Thoughts: living in present

I quit my  full time job in April. Over these few months I have spent good time in reading & mostly philosophy. The common learning from it for me has been is living in this present moment.   During school days, we work hard and plan/aim for getting admission to some college, university if we […]

Random Thoughts: What are we living for?

I am still reading J Krishnamurti discourse/book on Love and Loneliness. I will be posting notes soon, while reading though this book I had this question, “What are we living for?” I sent a questionnaire to over 100 friends anonymously only 50 responded.  I have added graphs & code for same below. Group A = [18 […]